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The Remaining Few
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The West Texas Rock Band, San Angelo, Texas

A group of teenagers from a small town in West Texas forms a band in the mid 1960's, has some adventures and makes a record. Big deal; only the record, after some years, becomes a phenom and people from all over the world contact the original members wanting all kinds of information and especially, copies of the original 45. The record becomes a collector's item selling at auction for almost $6,000! A record made by some local gentry in small town Texas is a hit in Europe, appears on albums and is even being sold on Amazon (with out our permission by the way - and no royalties have ever been paid to the song writers or members of the band) even though at the time of it's creation it got little attention. As the inquiries from the US and abroad came in; and the band and the record became subjects of numerous websites, perhaps it is time to set the record and story straight.

One thing this site really lacks is pictures of the group. That's because, we really didn't take many pictures of ourselves back then. As far as facts go, well, it's the best we can remember after some 45 years have past. We can, however, clarify some of the myths about us that we've discovered around the web world.

An astonishing discovery we've made is the numerous web references there are to the band and its record; from many places and in many languages. A page listing those links is included.

Another issue is the music itself. It is being sold or offered for free everywhere and neither the writers of the music - Mike Jones and Robert Specht nor the band members are receiving any royalty - not one dime. This site offers those interested to purchase a CD of the music, autographed by the remaining song writer at a modest price. See the music page.

For more information about the Remaining Few contact Robert Specht at 325-656-6488 or email us at