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The Remaining Few
The Members

Mike Jones
Rythm and lead Guitar, vocal
Mike Jones was one of the originators of The Boys. He and his best friend, Robert Glodt, started the band together in 1966. With crude equipment and little knowledge they began practicing in Glodt's garage. Mike's natural leadership set him as the leader of the band, and he remained the band's leader and spokesman for the entirety of his association with the band. We lost Mike to cancer a few years ago.

Robert Glodt
Robert (Robby) Glodt was the other of the two originators of The Boys. He was the beat of the early band until his departure for college in 1967.

Chuck Brooks
Bass guitar
Chuck was the bands first bass player. Chuck was the "surfer dude" of The Boys who left the band only after about five months after it began. Chuck never really owned a bass guitar, he played on a regular guitar and turned the tone down.

Robert Specht
Lead guitar
Robert Specht came to be a member of the band after befriending Robert Glodt in highschool and being invited to sit it on a practice. Having had guitar lessons, he was invited to join the band as its lead guitar player.

J Frosty McKee
Chuck Brooks left the band and was replaced by J Frost (Frosty) McKee. Frosty's talents for playing bass were a tremendous addition to The Boys. His personality blended with the members and re-inforced the drive of the sound. Frosy was jovial, sarcastic and an absolute joy to be around.

Jim Yankovich
Robert Glodt, the first drummer for The Boys, left for college and was replaced by a friend of J Frost McKee's, Jim Yankovich. Jim was a great drummer and was particulary gifted in duplicating the most complicated of drum rythms. The band's first session with Jim included the song "Shapes of Things" by the Yardbirds. The members burst into laughter when Jim rendered exactly the brief drum riff between verses.

Larry Logan
Larry (Lumber Jack) Logan joined the band next. He was a trained pianist who could play virtually anything on the organ. His performance of the opening organ solo from the Door's "Light My Fire" convinced the band of their need for this talented organist. The only problem encountered with Larry was his continually falling asleep in the bath tub after a hard day's contruction work making him late to their Firday and Saturday night gigs. Larry was lost to cancer some years ago. Larry was a car nut and loved what are now called muscle cars. He had a 64 Corvette with a 287 and 3 dueces that would burry the speedometer at 180.

Charles (Charlie) Usery
Jim Yankovic left the band for college and was replaced by a friend of Larry Logan's, Charles Usery. Charlie was a muscular ex-high school football player who could not only keep a complex beat, but could do it with considerable force. He was a driving force on stage and a valuable ally after a performance when being confronted by the West Texas rednecks who would hang around the parking lot after a performance looking to "put a whoopin on them hippey freaks". Charley was lost to heart disease some years ago.

Joel Mulkey
Joel Mulkey was the band's first dedicated vocalist. Joel (nick named JWZ by the other band members) could wail rock or sing ballads with the best and was probably the best vocalist of any of the bands in the area at that time.

Member Epilog
As of today, four of the original members of the Remaining Few are still active: Robert Specht, Joel Mulkey, Jim Yankovich and Frosty McKee, although present performances may not include all members due to logistics. To schedule a preformance call Robert Specht at 325-656-6488 or email us at